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A prime example… October 17, 2011

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Without content enrichment, browsing for a book through online library services would be a hard task to undertake. How many people go to the library and just pull books off the shelf and check them out without looking at the cover and reading the description on the back? Why should online ordering be any different? Providing a database of skeletal information doesn’t appeal to the average library user. Content enrichment has greatly impacted the informational needs of the website user, allowing them to thoroughly browse through the library collection without leaving their homes.

Previously I have used a website called Fantastic Fiction (http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk) to look up information about any books I heard about that caught my interest, or to inquire if any of my favourite authors had a new publication coming out, before ordering them on the NLPL website if they seemed to be something I would enjoy. However, this site is based out of the UK and some of the information such as release dates and prices don’t apply to us, also the site doesn’t offer reviews and sometimes is even lacking in a description.  A Library Studies course last semester introduced me to NoveList Plus (EBSCO Database Suite) on the Newfoundland and Labrador Public Libraries website (http://www.nlpl.ca). This site is a prime example of content enrichment and what it offers to library patrons. It provides an immense amount of information to the user about any book. Supplying the book name, author, publisher, cover art, description, genre, tone, writing style, reviews from various sources, ISBN listings of the various publications/formats, AND the dewey decimal number! The site offers many other great features such as various forms of searches, recommended reads, author read-alikes, book discussion guides, etc. I found it a little overwhelming to navigate through at first, but it has a ‘How To Use NoveList’ link on the right hand side of the site which provides a how-to video. I love this site!


My technical neediness…it’s a problem! September 27, 2011

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As we get further into this course I continue to get more nervous. As I’ve stated previously, I am not the most technically savvy person out there. And as I continue to get further in the modules I start to question my ability to pass. Going through the readings is a bit of a task as they seem to be as if in another language, and I have to read and re-read them to try and understand/grasp the concept. The assignment coming has me shaking in boots a little. But I will continue to attempt to slog on through.

Technology scares me to an extent. It amazes me the advancements that have made their way in to our daily lives. Where would we be without our computers and instant internet access in our hand held devices? I have become a victim to Google. I know I must say atleast once a day…”hold on, I’ll google it”…or something of that variation. I could be standing in the library, trying to remember the name of a author that I forgot to write down for future reference, or the order in which the Diana Gabaldon Outlander series were released, and out comes my trusty Blackberry with google ready at a touch of a button. Yet there are so many things I can’t seem to master, such as understanding how to download movies, music, or anything needing downloading for that matter. Again, like it’s being explained to me in another language! My brother is a pretty much a computer genius, currently completing his degree  (Bachelor of Science) in Computer Science with a goal to work for Apple (which I am 100% positive he’ll achieve) and I’m sure he is beyond aggravated with my technical neediness. I wonder if it will reach a time when all the information being given to me won’t fly right over my head. I tend to better enjoy tasks I can complete hands on….which my actual hands, rather than sending requests out into the cyber world. I prefer to talk to someone face to face (though my texting seems to have greatly increased this year) rather than typing on a keyboard , which is part of why I chose a career path in libraries, not only for my extensive love for books and reading, but also for the personal contact with the community members. Customer Service has always been something I have enjoyed and thrived at , and I hope my lack in technical advances won’t hinder my abilities to serve the public.



“We read to know that we are not alone” C.S. Lewis September 20, 2011

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Books have always been a bit of a safe haven for me. Reading allows my imagination to explore places and times I will never physically see. Even from a young age I preferred books that did not have illustrations, as one of the joys of reading was transforming the places and descriptions into my own personal hideaways. Growing up, my mom would take my siblings and I to our local library on Saturdays. I looked forward to these trips, the excitement of choosing a new title and exploring what new genre might catch my interest, but also for the responsibility it held. The library was trusting me with a cherished piece of it’s collection! As an adult this still holds true, libraries have given me a gift that I can and will enjoy for a lifetime. Reading not only stimulates our minds, but is also soothing for the soul, diminishing personal afflictions for those of the characters and allowing our burdens to take a back seat as we explore a world and era of our choosing. Libraries continue to hold a important role in my daily life. I am never without a book on my person as any spare moment is a chance to read, I require the ability to physically grasp and turn the page with my fingers rather than clicking a screen, and I appreciate the friendly interaction with library personnel, the interest they take in my reading preferences and their ability to solve any needs or answer questions I may have rather than to be left to my own devices. All in all, a experience I greatly enjoy and treasure!


To blog or not to blog… September 19, 2011

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So…here it goes! Hello to the blogging world!! I am very new at this and ask for patience from any followers/readers as I test the waters and figure out exactly what I am doing. This blog begins as a requirement for a course I am completing towards a certificate in Library Studies from Memorial University, but with luck hopefully it will be something I enjoy and would like to continue. Thank you to any folks that decide to read my posts! Fingers crossed I can keep them interesting!

Previous to this course I had only viewed one blog, I took a quilting course last year and the instructor is a dedicated blogger, she subscribes through blogspot.com. I was fairly nervous about making this blog as it is all so new to me, and am pretty unsure of the in’s and out’s of it so far, but hopefully with a little time and some playing around I can get a feel for it. I’m still trying to understand the requirements for the rss feed and the xml address. I’m not very technically advanced! I hope learning to blog will open my eyes to more of the technology around me that I don’t realize I have access too. Onward and upward!